Delivering you and your patients actionable information that can lead to positive change.

Are You A Health Professional Looking To Make A Larger Impact In Your Community? We can show you how with our bioenergetic testing! As a Health Practitioner, the services, guidance, and information you provide your clients are invaluable. We recognize that you are changing the well-being of the world, one client at a time, which is why we have created a program to partner with you in that mission and broaden your scope, by incorporating non-invasive hair & saliva testing to your practice, home based office or telehealth business. Our Partnership Program is designed to maximize the success of your current patient results and give you access to new potential patients in your community and surrounding areas.

We have built a system that provides actionable health information to you and your patients. You can profit from this knowledge. We built a user friendly system, requiring only one hour of training. Our testing does not require blood, we offer a non invasive hair and saliva collection that is safe and professional. Our reports are easy to interpret and share with patients. Personalized nutritional based solutions, consistent with a safe approach. Generates new income through sale of reports and solutions. Leading edge technology, based on the latest science and wellness directions. Affordable capital expenditure. Vast returns and profits.

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If you are ready to learn how we are helping chiropractors just like you increase their value as a provider and drive an additional $2,000 to $5,000+ per month using RemedyTesting, complete the form below!


See what some of our top providers are saying!

~ 2020 Dr. Sherri Raley DC ~

~ 2020 Dr. Melinda Morgan DC ~

~ 2020 Dr. Kezia Shine DC ~

"I spent over $50,000 in additional education expenses to be able to better help my patients using advanced nutritional response testing. Over the years, I spent countless hours putting together health reports and care plans, only to find out there was a MUCH easier and MUCH cheaper way using bioenergetic testing. I now work less than 20 hours a week and within 3 months, I made $40K and now a year later have made over $90K, not to mention my patients pay less and see better results!

~ 2020 Dr. Angie Pufahl DC, Advanced NRT ~

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